Facilities are closed. 

Since we have some problems with the pumps again, the facilities are closed until further notice, unfortunately.

Your Arbeitsgemeinschaft Ith / JDAV Nord

Stand: 24.10.2023

Welcome on the website of the JDAV-Nord- a regional association of the youth of the AlpinClub (DAV) in Germany.

Our englisch part is reduced to the information about our ith campsite in the following. It includes information about arrival, charges and our campsite rules. 

For further information about the campsite or the jdav-nord in general don’t hesitate to contact us via mail or letter on:

 Förderverein JDAV - Nord e.V. ; Peinerstraße 28; 30519 Hannover, Germany

mail: zeltplatz@jdav-nord.de


The Ith-campsite is located near the B240 on the crest between Eschershausen and Capellenhagen.  It is easily accessible by car.  


Where to pay:

In general a person from the AG-Ith is at the campsite to collect the fee. If this is not the case please transfer the appropriate fee (see adjacent scale of charges) to the following bank account: 

Recipient: Förderverein JDAV -Nord e.V.

Account number: GLS Bank, bank code number (BIN) 

IBAN DE52 4306 0967 1307 9408 01


Charges campsite / Car park:

Adult, DAV-nonmember                             8,00€

Adult, DAV-member                                    5,00€

Adult, DAV-nonmember, reduced        5,00€

Youth/ child, DAV-nonmember             5,00€

Junior, child, DAV-member                    3,00€

Reduced DAV-member                             3,00€

Combination (minimum charge)        3,00€

All UIAA-Members are equivalent to DAV-members.

Charges car park:

Backpackers and nonmembers              2,50€

Overnight guests free


The growing popularity of the crag Ith has lead to an enormous increase in overnight stays. The result is that our self-governed youth campsite is frequently filled to capacity. The campsite is intended to be used primarily by the youth of the DAV.

Groups of visitors and all groups of  more than 10 persons are obliged to register in written form at least 4 weeks in advance. You should have the confirmation of reservation as well as the deposit receipt available as they are to be shown on demand.

On long weekends (such as Easter, 1st of May, Ascension Day and Pentecost) as well as on activity weekends of the IG-Klettern and the AG-Ith, priority will be given to members.

For registration please contact: zeltplatz@jdav-nord.de

Reductions on overnight fees can only be supported with suitable evidence. Members of the AG-Ith should identify themselves on demand. Only AG-Ith members are allowed to exercise property rights and are entitled to evict persons or groups from the campsite if they exceed campsite regulations.

Campsite rules

Caravans or campervans are neither allowed on the campsite nor in the car park (legal requirement). Large tents can only be accepted when accompanied by a suitable group. The meadow in the forest behind the campsite is only for registered groups. Campfires are not allowed (Exept in the designated area). 

Do not leave any litter in the campsite or the forest. Please avoid litter as much as possible and take everything home with you. Do not throw glass waste in the rubbish container. You can find glass containers in front of the school for community service (at a distance of 500 m) and in Eschershausen. 

Please do not waste any water. Do not wash your dishes in the washroom. Be considerate towards your neighbours and respect noise levels. It should be quieter in the back of the campsite. No electricity is supplied for the use of visitors. Attendance signifies acceptance of the current rules of climbing for the Ith. 

For more information please contact www.ig-klettern-niedersachsen.de. Instructions on the presentation board must be observed. In case of disregard you may be evicted.